Learn how to landscape and complete your own garden design using a professional approach throughout:

  • No need to hire a garden designer or landscape architect
  • If you do hire a professional you will have the skills to work closely with him or her
  • Have more control
  • Enjoy designing your garden
  • Save money


Work through the garden design process to:

  • Get insider tips
  • Save time and energy
  • Find out how to design your garden for your friends and family to enjoy


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  • You get the garden design information that you want when you need it

The photograph shows a completed garden with a pathway down the middle

Photograph: Shirley Lazenby

Designing your own garden, like working on the house, is a medium to long term project. A little patience goes a long way in helping you to achieve the space that you want. You can of course dip in and out of the information any time you want, and you will learn something each time you do. By taking a methodical approach on the other hand, by starting at the top of the menu on the left hand side and working to the bottom, you will find all the information in a logical sequence.

The design principles set out here are universal and can be applied to a diverse range of projects, including interior design… just don’t try to plant large trees in your living room!

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