The photograph shows John Ketch, the owner of the website, beside a drawing board with some images of gardensHello, I’m John Ketch.

I’m a Garden Designer and a Landscape Architect.  I have a Diploma in Fine Art and I have an excellent understanding of the Science and Art of Garden Design.

Things you might like to know about me & what I’m doing with this website

I’ve worked on every conceivable kind of landscape project from Residential Gardens to corporate work, government projects, sports & recreation and water-based projects.  I have planned and inspected the installation of, and I have managed the finished schemes.

Like my son & his friends I listen to music from the sixties and seventies + I like Irish music, Cajun music, opera and the symphony.

In the summer I try to play cricket, and I am a radio ham who likes to take at least one radio with me wherever I go, especially when caravanning with my wife.

I made this website in order to share as much of my experience as possible with you, provided you are a Gardener who wants to Design your own Garden.  You can of course use the information to design other things like the interior of your house… Like I said on the home page, just don’t try to grow large trees in there!

This is pencil drawing of a tree

Drawing: Patrick Ketch

I’ve put some information up here, with the assistance of  landscape architect, Shirley Lazenby who has helped me with the writing and in particular with the various diagrams.  Patrick Ketch has contributed some drawings which are distributed throughout the site.

If you find that you need some help over and above what’s provided here you can sign up on my Kick Start Your Garden Design page and we’ll work together to complete your project.