In completing your garden design plan you will be bringing everything together that you have completed as you worked down the menu on this website.  You will have started out with the menu item Design Your Garden and worked you way methodically downwards until you go to here.

The following a checklist which you can use to assess what you have done at each stage of the process.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this. Simply copy it to a sheet of paper and use it to decide if you’ve done everything that you need to do get you started on completing your design:

  • Elements of Garden Design: Have you included your focal points and textures?  How do you plan to use line, form and scale?
  • Principals of Garden Design: Have you had a good look at how you can achieve unity, balance, transition, focalisation, proportion, rhythm, repetition and simplicity?
  • Colour in your garden design plan: Have you looked a the colour wheel and how you can use colour in the garden?
  • Tints and Shade:  Have you looked at and understood this?
  • Colour Schemes: Perhaps have a look back at my introduction to monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triadic schemes.
  • Themes and Style: Have you gone through the process of choosing your theme and style?  Are you going with formal, informal, modern, oriental, country, colonial or Mediterranean?  Perhaps you’re combining some of these styles or going with something else altogether?
  • When you did your survey did you cover: Measuring the footprint of your house, triangulating boundary points + trees and other features.  Did you need to use your offsets and did you measure any curves occurring on your property?  Are you happy that you have picked up all relevant existing features and are you reasonably happy that you understand the levels in your existing garden?
  • During your analysis and assessment did yo have a good look at: Your existing plants, house orientation, land-form, rainfall and soil conditions, wind direction, views, noise and utilities, architecture and what you want from your garden.
  • In developing your design have you: carefully located your activity areas, figured out how your public areas and vehicle access will work, sorted where your footpaths and driveways will go?  Have you thought about maintenance, carried out research, looked at foundation planting, tree placement,  the living area and the service area?
  • While choosing your plants did you: Have a good hard look at your local area and the maximise aesthetic effect that you can achieve?  Have you looked at achieving value for money and at reducing your maintenance load?

If you’re happy that you have worked through each of the above steps and completed the necessary work the you are ready to move on to complete your design.

If you have any questions at this stage, simply get in touch via my contact page & I’ll do my very best to help you.