When creating your own garden design ideas it is important to have an understanding of some basic design. This will help you to create a garden that is both practical and elegant.

Design, like most other things is made up of components, and in this case we are referring to them as elements. You may well have an instinctive understanding of what makes a good design and most of us recognise a pleasing arrangement when we see one. It is often not necessary to analyse a good design, whether it is a building, a car or a garden design scheme. In fact it is nearly always best not to try to analyse something that has a good
visual appearance, simply enjoy the result.

On the other hand you are here in order to learn how to create a garden that is pleasant to look at and to occupy. Therefore you will need to learn a little bit about what makes up a successful garden design. By deconstructing design into a few basic components we can learn how to put everything together in a way that will help to ensure design success.

The elements of design are the most basic components of this understanding and they will be employed in every design that you undertake. You can refer back to the various pages under this heading as you work through your garden plan in order to refresh you memory and to ensure that you are getting it just right.

The pages under this menu item deal with these design elements:

  • Point and Focal Point.
  • Line and how you use it to determine the different spaces in your garden
  • Form and plant form, some information on how to use form.
  • Texture deals with the surface quality of your plants and other materials.
  • Scale deals with the size of plants and other objects in relation to other objects in their¬†vicinity.