Choosing your plants is one of the most important things that you will do to bring life and colour to your garden design.

A drawing showing a garden planting plan.

The planting plan therefore is one of the most important drawings that you will do as part of your design process. It will help you to organise the details, layout and positions of the planting beds.  It will allow you to mark the location of each plant that you wish to use in your garden. This will allow you to visualise how the scheme looks as you organise your thoughts on paper. 

It can be very beneficial as you develop your plan to create a quick sketch or two of the planting scheme in elevation.  There is no need for perspective drawings or even drawings that are very well organised.  Simple sketches showing the height, habit and colour of the plant material will help you to visualise what you are putting onto your planting plan.

Special consideration should be given, when developing you planting plan, to the mature size of each plant. 

The planting plan should also contain your plant lists; this is a list of all the plants in your design as well as the exact quantities. This is an important list, as you will bring it to the garden center or nursery when you go to collect your plants.It is useful to lightly draw overlapping circles in pencil to represent the mature size of your plants. This will give you a very good indication of
where the centers of your new plants should be placed at the time of planting.  It will also serve to let you visualise how much space the plant will occupy when it grows to maturity.

Tip: Sometimes garden centre personnel may try to sell you something other than what is on your list. This can often be a good way on his or her behalf to make a sale that they would otherwise lose. Therefore you must satisfy yourself that any proposed replacement will satisfy the criteria that you have set out in your design.