The Mediterranean style garden is most definitely a garden for lounging on a terrace or by the swimming pool; the air is heady with the fragrance of citrus and cypress.  The air is warm and the winds are light and refreshing.  For eating out, there should be a welcoming spot, be it under a tree or a large sun umbrella, against a backdrop of white or sun-baked vibrant colours cascading from terracotta pots.

Blues, yellows, oranges, deep pinks and reds are the classic Mediterranean colours. Delicate hues are devoured by the strong sunlight, whilst purples and dark blues become sombre. Splashes of rich, vibrant colours are used occasionally and with unswerving exactness. A swathe of iris, or something painted a brilliant orange can make an excellent highlight.

A Mediterranean garden with pool, ground planting and container planting.

You can create terraces using, if available, large slabs of natural stone to create open expanses of seating and circulation space.  Smaller, fragrant ground-cover plants can be used according to your climatic zone to colonise some of the spaces between the stone slabs.  There is room in this kind of garden for a number of different approaches and it is usually best to be informed by the styles that appear around the Mediterranean sea.  You have a choice of being informed by, among others, the Moors, the Spanish, and French and Italian design.

Moorish design is generally acknowledged to be the basis for all formal garden design around the world today and as such will give you many starting points for your formal Mediterranean Garden.

You can design in a barbecue and a fire-pit bringing warmth and usability to the garden long into the evening.  The Spanish influence on architecture and on garden design is evident in many parts of the world and using this colonial influence will provide you with many ideas, as will the elegance and natural influences provided by the France and Tuscany.

A little bit of research and a certain amount of disciplined decision making can be useful when making your Mediterranean garden.  There are many styles to choose from within this area, so select the one that suits your needs and go with that.