There are many, many styles of garden which you will encounter when coming up with your garden design ideas. They range from those that can be well defined like the cottage garden or the contemporary garden, to those that are created by individual people all over the world, and that are impossible to define.

For the purpose of this section of the website I have chosen to write very brifly about the types of garden that people ask me about the most. If I have not included enough informaton on any of these types of garden, and especially if there is a style that you like and that that I have not included, please get in touch with me and I’ll do my very best to write it up for you. I won’t mention your name unless you ask me to and I will never share you e-mail or contact details with anybody or with any organisation.

The following are the types of gardens that people enquire about most often:

 A drawing of a knobbly tree, well part of a knobbly tree.

Cottage Gardens

Small and decorative, this provides a great opportunity to have just the garden that you want.

Herb Gardens

Generally small, sometimes decorative and almost always functional in nature, they can be a great way to create a small formal area.

Small Gardens

Most of us work happily in our small gardens creating the spaces that we want for ourselves, our families and our friends to enjoy.

Large Gardens

Present a challenge all of their own, but can very often be easier, but maybe not cheaper, to create than a small garden.

Contemporary Gardens

For those with a knowledge of architecture and 20th century art this may be just the ticket to success.