A view from inside a garden looking down some steps and towards the sea.

Your new garden, while it will impact on all of the senses, is primarily a visual experience. It is important therefore to identify views that are to be accentuated as well as views that are to be hidden.

Views from the surrounding landscape can be brought into your garden by framing them and by using them as focal points. For instance an external view can be framed between groups of trees or shrubs becoming a useful focal area in the process.

This borrowed landscape can be beneficial and can help to make your garden seem bigger. It can lend an open, integrated feeling to your project. Look for possible interesting views of the surroundings that can be seen from within the garden, and better still if they can be seen from inside the house.

On the other hand, other views may be unsightly and require to be excluded. In this instance use plants and other materials to block these views from your garden. Also look at any neighbouring buildings. You may want to block their view into your garden in order to provide more privacy for you and your family. 

In the photograph below, these fisherman’s huts could easily be simple sheds that are drab and functional.  Instead some well chosen colours, simple planting and some fishing equipment turn them into an art form.  This is an idea that can easily be repeated when designing your ideal garden plan.

Photo shows colourful fishermens huts with matching planting

Tip: When engaging in this exercise If is often more effective to provide a distracting design element within your garden that becomes an interesting entity in its own right. Often if you try to screen the offending view completely, the materials that you use can become dominant and upset the balance of your scheme.

It is important to consider views from every aspect of your garden. Not only should you think of what can be seen from your garden but also the views from your house into the garden. You need to ensure the view you have from outside you garden looking in and from inside your house looking out are just as pleasing as being in the garden itself.

Remember plants, shrubs and trees will grow to maturity. Be aware therefore of their mature size and plant them in locations that will accommodate these mature sizes.

Tip: When selecting plants be meticulous about researching the mature sizes of your selections and plant accordingly.

You can look at you house and plot from outside your property, while considering both your privacy and the integration of your garden with the surrounding landscape.

When planning the area around the exit from you property do allow clear, safe views for drivers and pedestrians. You local planing office may have guidelines for sight-lines at exits and entrances.

Taking photographs will help you to remember specific views while designing, and remember to go outside often to check your design as it develops.