All the components of a successful garden, including the lawn, the driveway, planting areas, screening, shade trees, windbreaks and terraces can be identified relatively easily on a concept drawing.  

The locations of all these components can be fixed by us allowing you to get to the next design stage and begin the fun of choosing your plants and other materials.

We make it easy for you to make planting decisions by including a plant list suitable for your area, free with your concept design.

 MasterPlanSample1 860W


What you get:

  • A not-to-scale A4 drawing which will suggest how you organise the space in your garden.  This drawing is not to scale because we won’t measure your garden at this stage.  Well, we can’t really as we’re here and you’re there!  This is a very useful drawing when you come to measuring up your own garden using the guidelines we have outlined for you on the Garden Survey page.  
  • Planting suggestions appropriate to your area.  Climatic zones vary around the world and we can identify, using our references, our knowledge and experience, plants that are most likely to thrive where you live.  This will give you a really excellent start when you come to making plant selections and choosing colour schemes.
  • Written suggestions for how to proceed on your own.  Each garden is different and from the moment when a designer starts work on a project she or he is arriving at decisions about how the finished design will play out.   These thoughts are rarely expressed on the concept design, but they always exist in the mind of the designer.  We can’t avoid it.  It’s how we think.  So why waste this information?  That’s why we’ll write it down for you and include it as an extra free item when we deliver your outline design drawing. 

A comfortable wickerwork garden seat with nice blue cushions

Garden Seat


We need to be able to do three simple things to get started:

1. Can you See Your Garden on Google earth?

2. Can you do a Sketch Drawing of you existing garden? – we’ll help you with that.

3. Can you Take Some Photographs and e-mail them to us? – We’ll also help you with that.


That’s all you need to do to get the ball rolling!


In fact we may not even need all three things, if you have a good view on google earth or if you provide a nice sketch of your existing garden and some photos then we’ll get to work right away for you.

 As soon as you sign up we’ll send you full instructions and we’ll work with you all the way using both the website and our individual responses tailored to your needs.

The cost of this to you is a mere €100.00.  This is less than you are likely to spend on a single trip to the garden centre.  

Armed with this drawing you can complete your design and then visit the garden centre, nursery or landscape contractor knowing exactly what you want to achieve.  You also save a whole heap of money.

This is a concept design and you are free to change it around to suit your changing needs.  You’ll add plants and other materials that you like, using the concept as a solid starting point.

Contact me for a free assessment of your site now, before you sign up.  I’ll let you know quickly if we can work with you.

 The photograph shows John Ketch, the owner of the website, beside a drawing board with some images of gardens


We never share your details with any other person or organisation.  


Garden Seat By: Wicker Paradise