In addition to the planting plan, there are many other useful drawings that you can produce in order to help you along the road to completing your garden design plan.  You can do drawings for your enclosure, circulation patterns, terrace layout, the list can be a long one. You can also combine different things on the same drawing, for instance you sprinkler system and lighting plan will share some of the same resources.

The following are just a sample of the different drawings that you can make.


Sprinkler System

It’s better to design your garden in a way which does not require irrigation. However if you have exhausted all the alternatives and find that you must install a sprinkler system, then create a separate drawing for this purpose.


Again, as for the planting plan, use a piece of tracing paper to overlay your master plan and then plot out the most useful and practical route for a sprinkle system and pipe-work. Then simply take your irrigation design to an irrigation system supplier or contractor and they will be able to help you with your requirements.


Garden Lighting

A photo of a garden lamp near some grasses.

Repeat this step again for any lighting that you may wish to incorporate into the design. Take your lighting plan to a qualified electrician for checking and for implementation.  It is good to design your garden lighting system in as

sustainable a way as possible.  Use solar lamps if possible and use daylight sensors in order that they will operate only when needed.  Use lamps with shades that will direct the light only to where it is needed to avoid causing light pollution or possible nuisance to you neighbours.  Lights that remain on for long periods of time during the night may have a detrimental effect on wildlife, causing for instance birds to become confused between day and night.


Garden Paving

A photo of a garden path made from stone leading to a lawn with colourful planting at each side

As with the other elements of your garden such as planting, you may create a separate drawing for your paving details. Again simply do an overlay based on your master-plan and then include as much detail as you feel appropriate in relation to your paving design. As with your planting plan you can take off a list from the drawing which you can use to help you source the materials. You can also use it to talk to paving contractors in order to obtain prices for the supply of both materials and labour.