Trees are the most important natural element that that you can include in your garden design plan. They are the single element that occur naturally in the wider landscape that you can plant into your garden to give it a feeling of stability, linking it to your local landscape area.   

Trees are used to create many different effects within the design, and they perform useful functions, visual and practical.  

A photograph that shows a tree close to a house

Mass planting of trees to the windward side of your site can be used as a windbreak, effectively raising the temperature and reducing the impact of the prevailing wind.  This allows a degree of comfort in the garden, and you will be able to extend your growing season and include a greater variety of plants.  The impact of a windbreak on your house is also beneficial as it will reduce the risk of damage and reduce your heating bills.  Shade trees can also be majorly beneficial in keeping your house cool, helping you to save money on your air conditioning.

Do of course be careful when planting trees to place them at a distance that exceeds their mature height from the footprint of the dwelling. This will ensure that they do not damage your building if they should fall over.

A single tree can be used as a feature, a focal point or to draw attentions to something in the garden.

Trees can be used to integrate the building with the landscape, to establish privacy and to provide shelter and shade as needed.  They can be grown where required to draw attention to your house.  Trees that are planted in the back garden, and which grow taller than the house, can establish an excellent visual backdrop for the front elevation of the house.

Long and low houses can appear taller with the placement of trees in the backdrop resulting in the roof-line being visually interrupted.  Taller houses can seem longer with no trees behind them, but with rounded trees positioned to the side to the building.

Above: What is the visual effect of the tree beside this tall house?  Does it encourage you to buy it and move to Plougasnou in Brittany?

Tip: To avoid worrying about having mature trees fall on your house or other entities such as power lines, simply research the mature height of your selected trees and then place it at a distance from your house or other entity that exceeds its mature height.